Plastic Crocheted Shopping Bag - Photo from a Happy Customer

A man from North Carolina bought a crocheted shopping bag from me about a year ago. I recently got an email from him telling me how much he likes his bag:

"I'd like to tell you I still use this bag at least once a week and almost always get comments on it.
It is often, 'I love this bag'. You did a great job. You're work is very impressive."

Here's a photo he sent me of two girls at the Harris Teeter grocery store filling up the bag.

Craft Magazine Maker Faire Podcast - Plastic Bag Crochet

I participated in the 2007 Maker Faire in Austin, TX.
The editors of MAKE and CRAFT magazines selected some of their favorite projects and I was awarded a blue ribbon.

Here is a video of my workshop at the Maker Faire. I just found it on YouTube!

My project was about crocheting plastic bags to make plastic bag koosies with handles. You know...those things that you put your beer (or any canned beverage) in to keep it nice and cold.

Here are some photos of my booth:

The event was great fun and lots of people came out to give it a try.