Plastic Bag Tube Top

Reusing Plastic Bags

It's really satisfying to collect trash and reuse it. That way you feel like you're really truly recycling. When I was in Mexico, I collected colorful plastic bags from the streets, washed them in the shower, dried them, then crocheted them.

Here's a pretty picture of some of the bags I found:

Plastic Bag Crochet Rug

Fusing Plastic Bags

In April, I visited my grandma in Pittsburgh. We spent a day hanging out in her basement and fusing plastic bags together with an iron.

Fusing several layers of plastic bags is a cheap and easy way to create a durable, waterproof fabric. Once you've made some fabric, you can sew the sheets together to make pretty much anything you want.

Materials Needed:

  • plastic bags of any size or color
  • iron
  • wax paper, parchment paper, freezer paper, or laminated card stock (to protect the iron).
Check out these tutorials for instructions about fusing plastic bags:

Here's a great video tutorial about making a fused plastic bag messenger bag:

Sunset Valley ArtFest - Photos

I just came across some old photos that I forgot to post.
These are from the Austin Green Art booth at the Sunset Valley ArtFest.

~ Sunset Valley ArtFest ~

This weekend (Saturday, 9am to 6pm), I will be with Austin Green Art at the Sunset Valley ArtFest in conjunction with the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market. Come check it out.

~ Tan Plastic Bag Shopping Bag with Pockets ~

~ Earth Day Pictures ~

Earth Day was a lot of fun. I sold a bunch of koozies, taught a few people how to crochet with plastic bags, and made some new friends. Here are my pictures:

~ Earth Day at Republic Square Park - Plastic Bag Art ~

This weekend (Saturday 9am-6pm) Austin Green Art will be installing the Baggy Booth for the Earth Day event at Republic Square Park. It will be the same set up as the Clean Sweep - lots of plastic bag projects and fun collaborative art. I will be manning the booth and showing some of my creations. Come check it out:

~ Austin Clean Sweep - Plastic Bag Art ~

I collaborated with Austin Green Art and several other people to make little booklets of plastic bag projects. They were handed out at the Austin Clean Sweep. Here is an online version:

Here are a few more plastic bag projects I found online that didn't make it into the final book:

Unfortunately I was out of town this past week and wasn't able to make it to the Austin Clean Sweep. It looks like it was a great time though. I got to display my plastic bag crochet projects, there was interactive plastic bag art, Virginia was there with her bag-o-matic kits, and there were hands on tutorials about fusing plastic bags. Here are some pictures:

~ Plastic Bag Shopping Bag ~

Look at all the groceries this bag holds!

~ New Creations - Not Made From Plastic Bags, But Still Fun ~

Dog Sweater (made from recycled yarn)

Floor Rug (made from recycled ribbon scraps)

Wall Hanging or Trivet (made from recycled magazines, newspapers, and phone books)

~ Updates ~

*I started an account with Etsy - an online platform for buying and selling handmade things.
Here is my online store:

*Natalie, the editor of Craftzine posted a podcast of me at the Austin MakerFaire. Check it Out